Protranslations4u, Via Rasun di Sopra 19, I-39030 Rasun-Anterselva (BZ), consists of a team of freelance translators and is hereafter referred to as “protranslations4u translator”.     


§1 General Conditions 


Protranslations4u offers their users (hereafter customer) the opportunity to have texts and other documents translated for a fee. The translations are carried out by protranslations4u freelance translators.   


§2 Contract Formation 


(1) The customer may enquire about ordering a translation via the protranslations4u website. A Protranslations4u translator provides a time estimate and price quote to the customer. The contract between the protranslations4u translator and the customer becomes valid upon the customer’s acceptance and written confirmation that he wants to get the translation done. Notwithstanding, the protranslations4u translator is authorized to revoke the contract when, for reasons such as outlined in § 3, the rejection is justified. In the event of a rejection neither party is obliged to perform or claim reimbursement. 


(2) Delivery deadlines are obligatory only if previously confirmed in writing by the protranslations4u translator.  


§3 Scope of Services 


(1) The protranslations4u translator agrees to get the submitted text professionally translated and to ensure that the translation is carried out without omissions, additions or other content changes.


(2) Individual subject terminology established by the client is taken into consideration only upon prior agreement, if sufficient and complete documentation, i.e. previous translations or glossaries are supplied upon placing the order. Otherwise, specialist terms shall be translated in accordance with the quality norm as outlined in section 1.


(3) Translations are limited to text only. If the text contains pictures (i.e. graphics, comics, etc.) a protranslations4u translator may decline translation of these sections or the entire text. This applies also if the text consists of culpable or illegal content in violation of public morals. No compensation entitlement is due upon rejection.     


§4 Acceptance, Obligation to give notice of Defects and Correction   


(1) Upon translation, the translated text is sent to the customer as an electronic or printed document. 


(2) Obvious deficiencies of the translation noticed upon receipt by the customer, shall be reported immediately in writing and outlining the discrepancies. Hidden discrepancies shall be reported immediately upon discovery. Otherwise the translation shall be assumed contractually executed and acceptable.  


(3) If the translated text is not sufficient in accordance with the contractual agreement the customer shall allow an acceptable time frame for correction of a minimum of 14 days by the protranslations4u translator. Corrections are excluded if the discrepancy has been caused by the customer, i.e. by incorrect or incomplete information or faulty original text. 


(4) Upon expiration of the agreed upon time frame, the customer may request a termination of the contract or a reduction or compensation if the discrepancy has not been resolved in a timely manner. The entitlement excludes minor discrepancies that only insignificantly impact the quality of the translation.   


§5 Liability, Guarantee and Limitations


Protranslations4u and its freelance translators do not accept liability for the content of texts provided for translations. The content of such texts is the sole responsibility of their owner. Unless specifically agreed upon in writing, protranslations4u does not guarantee that the translated text is permissible or appropriate to the customer’s purpose. This applies especially in the event that the text for translation is published for marketing purposes. The customer exclusively bears all legal risks pertaining to the servitude or publication of the original and translated texts.


§6 Termination


(1) The customer may cancel the order at any time prior to the completion of the translation. 


(2) If an allocated order is cancelled the customer is obligated to compensate for the costs of the completed portion of the translation at that time. In any case, the cost reimbursement entitlement consists of a minimum of 50% of the contract value. 


(3) Documentation provided by the customer for translation purposes shall be returned immediately upon completion or termination without reminder. The customer data or translation file provided within the scope of the contract remains with protranslations4u for archive purposes, unless the customer specifically requests that his personal data or the supplied text for translation be deleted.  


§7 Compensation and Terms of Payment  


(1) Unless otherwise contractually agreed upon, the protranslations4u translator shall provide the agreed translation with a bill for the cost plus applicable taxes, which is to be paid within 30 days. 


(2) In the event of arrears, the protranslations4u translator reserves the right to charge default interest in the amount of 5%.